Pictures from Norway Chess 2013

Norway Chess was a great thrill for all of us! Big thanks to the organizing committee and Kjell Madland, the founding father of the project, the sponsors and lots of volunteers for making this possible.  Our little contribution is a collection of pictures. Olga found some nice motives. It’s not an everyday experience to have players like these walking around among us. :-)

The playing venue

There were five different venues. It started with the preliminary blitz tournament at the University of Stavanger. Then it moved to the Quality Residence Hotel in Sandnes where the players also lived. Most of the rounds took part there, but moves to the Aarbakke factory in Bryne, Flor & Fjære and finally the spectacular Stavanger Konserthus gave both the players and lots of followers a chance to see more of the Stavanger region. We show just a little to give you a glimpse of the atmosphere.  


The commentary room

Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam, the editor of New in Chess, and Simen sat in the commentary room permanently, but the players had agreed to show all their games right after.  It’s extremely interesting to hear the players’ thoughts about the game. Video clips of this can be found on the tournaments homepage.


The playing hall

The players were of course the most spectacular objects. Here we see a collection of pictures from the playing hall. 



Список тем